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Edumax – your trusted shop for school uniforms.

We believe school uniforms can enhance a student’s school experience by creating a sense of unity and belonging.

We are committed to providing fabrics manufactured with the environment in mind while remaining the best quality possible. 

We work with schools on designs that match their school identity and are custom made for the school.

We are dedicated to supporting schools by creating distinctive, comfortable, durable and affordable uniforms.

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We customize uniforms to meet your school’s needs. As a wholly Qatari-owned supplier of uniforms, we aim to give you quality and consistency with unparalleled customer service; and by doing so, we and you, become proud partners in the effort to rebuild and relaunch the local economy into one of the most vibrant and robust in the region. Qatar, you, us: what a great combination for success!

About Edumax

Edumax is committed to educating and empowering learners and families through excellence in teaching and learning. Through academic development, we are devoted to achieving the sustainable growth and development of a strong and healthy community.