School video and photography

Every school year holds its own memories in a student’s life.  Students’ school days are filled with friends, learning and playing; building who they are towards who they will become when they leave our schools.  Capturing this time in a student’s life is what we do.

We have a keen eye for detail and a strong sense of creativity.

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School videography and photography

We are always looking for new, exciting ways to help promote your school. We can produce a ‘standalone’ school promotional video to sit on the home page of your website; we can produce bite-sized ‘focus’ videos which highlight a particular department or a specific aspect of school life such as Sport, the Creative Arts or Music; we also can create a video to help with a school accreditation visit – all at a budget that works for you.

About Edumax

Edumax is committed to educating and empowering learners and families through excellence in teaching and learning. Through academic development, we are devoted to achieving the sustainable growth and development of a strong and healthy community.