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Teaching Students with Exceptionalities

We are so excited to be bringing Special Education for International Schools (Teaching Students with Exceptionalities) a State University of New York (SUNY) Buffalo State Micro Credential for educational leaders and teachers to Qatar – it is so important in modern education for school leaders and teachers to have foundational knowledge in exceptionalities.

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About the Special Education for International Schools (Teaching Students with Exceptionalities) credential

The professors are flown into Qatar from SUNY, USA, ensuring the recognition of the certification as being in person and of a postgraduate credential (the admission process and the certificate is through SUNY Buffalo State). The integrity of our partnership and our programs with SUNY are very important to us, allowing us to deliver the best development options to Qatar schools. Below is a link to the information on the SUNY website which we believe you will find helpful as you decide if this kind of targeted and ongoing PD in exceptionalities is important for your faculty and for your school. We believe the structure of a series of five postgraduate classes will lead to a deep understanding of the subject and this understanding reflected in your school’s teaching environment.

It is also important to note, after completion of this credential, students are just 5 courses away from getting a SUNY Masters if they wish to continue. All 5 courses are stackable towards the SUNY Masters Degree.

We look forward to welcoming your school leaders and educators to this extremely valuable learning experience.

EXE 500 INDIVIDUALS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS: Traditional and evolving concepts of exceptionalities; characteristics of individuals with exceptionalities; implications for schools and society.

EXE 502 CONTINGENCY MANAGEMENT: Procedures and strategies for managing the behavior of students with special needs in educational settings; prevention of undesirable classroom behavior; assessment and remediation of behavior problems; effective delivery of instruction.

EXE 503 INSTRUCTIONAL STRATEGIES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH MILD DISABILITIES: Basic curricular concepts and teaching practices related to the development and implementation of effective instructional programs for students with mild disabilities.

EDU 509 INTRODUCTION TO THE GIFTED, TALENTED AND CREATIVE LEARNER: Introduction to giftedness, talent development, and creativity in students, examining both the historical foundations and the current state of the field. Examines characteristics and identification of academically gifted, creative, and talented students from diverse backgrounds and areas of ability who learn at a pace and level that are significantly different from classmates.

EXE 628 COLLABORATION AND CONSULTATIVE PRACTICES IN INCLUSIVE SETTINGS: Skills needed to collaborate as consultants: role and responsibilities of the consultant teacher; development of strategies for enhancing effectiveness of collaborative efforts on behalf of students with special needs, their families, and their general education teachers.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask us.

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