Earn university credits for classes you are taking now

Getting a headstart on college credits during high school will save you money, impress college admissions departments, and offer you greater degree flexibility.

Through our partnership with SUNY Buffalo State University you can earn university credits while taking your courses at EMS.

How it works:

  • Your teachers at EMS and faculty from Buffalo State work on course equivalency which means no extra work for students.
  • You will be nominated for participation by your teachers and then you can choose the courses you want to receive college credits for.
  • We will work with you on your electronic application, once accepted the course fee is due.
  • Once the school year is over, your teachers will submit student grades to Buffalo State, which will then be entered in the Buffalo State grading system.
  • You can then request a copy of your Buffalo State transcript be sent to the colleges or universities you choose to apply to.


  • Save Money
    Earning credits in advance can help cut tuition costs.
  • Enhance Your College Application
    Strengthen your application by demonstrating proficiency in college-level material.
  • Transfer credits
    Course credit can transfer to other universities at their discretion, full credits at SUNY Buffalo State.
  • Finish early
    Complete a four-year degree in a shorter amount of time
  • Ease the transition
    Avoid the ‘five-course crush’ in your first year of university

Next Steps

  1. Email Tammy MacNeil at head@serajlc.net
  2. Tammy will contact Mr. Jaco to discuss your course options. 

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