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If you are an experienced or aspiring educational leader looking for a strong framework to support effective continuing professional development our Cambridge Qualification will increase your knowledge and understanding of successful leadership, develop your leadership skills and enhance your performance as an educational leader.
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Cambridge Professional Development Qualification in Educational Leadership

Our Cambridge Qualification in Educational Leadership focuses on the theories of leadership and their application in a school leader’s or aspiring leader’s own practice and leadership context. Certificate candidates should be serving or aspiring educational leaders. The qualifications were developed in consultation with Cambridge teachers worldwide and the syllabuses reflect the latest research and best practice in professional development, leadership and learning. The qualifications provide a framework for continuing professional development for school leaders, teacher leaders or aspiring leaders, helping them to develop skills and knowledge to enrich their practice. Candidates produce a portfolio evidencing practice, learning and reflection. 

It is a rigorous certification with guided learning hours, Program Leader as well as self-study expectations. Your final portfolio will be assessed by Cambridge ensuring the integrity of the qualification and your certificate is awarded by Cambridge.

Cambridge Professional Development Qualifications are accredited by the University College London (UCL) Institute of Education.

"This programme was the best PD I have taken in my education career to date. I was able to go deeper into my understanding of educational leadership in an International context. I experienced a sense of connection to my group and to Tammy we don't often get in training. Her ability to gently challenge our thinking and encourage debate and discussion so we see issues from a 360 degree viewpoint was key to my learning and her support was unwavering, day or night she was available to us. I have left this qualification with a lot more resources in my toolbox but more importantly I have left feeling transformed"
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Early Years Principal

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